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Reading Montréal looks at the city through the eyes of many of its most creative artists and arts institutions. The growing ubiquity of high-speed Internet connections allows visitors from around the globe to experience the city in ways never before possible. More than that, they can contribute their own stories, experiences, and ideas about Montréal. As descriptions of the city accumulate, we expect that new ways of reading Montréal will emerge.

Rebecca Duclos and David Ross have engaged in a multi-disciplinary, research and site-based practice since 1998. Their work is primarily characterized by its investigations into the literal and metaphorical aspects of storage, the construction of social and manufactured spaces, and the inscription/invention of histories, both written and illustrated. Their collaborative interest in these broad themes has been expressed through a variety of forms over the years including architectural propositions, photographic and digital video projects, critical writing, and graphic/web design initiatives. Duclos and Ross consider all aspects of their projects - from pure research, to the rejuvenation of found materials and overlooked histories, to collaborations with other artists, students and designers - as critical to their work. See more about them at: graphicstandards.org

Alexandra McIntosh studied art and architecture in Montréal and revels in the nebulous title of cultural practitioner. In both writing and artistic projects she is drawn to the in-between spaces in cities, those that resist or defy straightforward representation and classification, those that explode prescribed modes of behaviour. Contemporary articulations of public space and planning are a central interest, as are attempts to critique official constructions of meaning, such as the projected vision of Montréal to outsiders and its inhabitants. She works as a writer and editor at the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

Robert Ouellette, the Publisher of Reading Cities, would like to thank Brian Boigon, George Baird, Graham Owen, Larry W. Richards, Bruce Kuwabara and the University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design for the inspiration, knowledge, patience, and support they have offered over the years. To the many designers, architects, writers, and artists of Canada, thank you for the work you do. It improves our world.

The Reading Cities project builds on Ouellette's ongoing exploration how the forces of media and technology are changing the city. His "Influencing Machines Revealed: The John Street Media Corridor" project received a City of Toronto Urban Design Award and influenced the planning and design of Toronto's Media District. He has an honours degree in Architecture, an MBA from the Ivey School of Business, and is the past Director of the Information Technology Design Centre at the Faculty of Landscape, Architecture, and Design at the University of Toronto. He is President of Forum Bureau, a media company that designs and builds social networking software and properties.
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