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2006 06 02
Tagged City Part 2 (in progress)
I intended this to all be part of my previous post Tagged City, but I don't know, the sites we are all down or something. Anyway, I couldnt really discuss the intersection of the city with tagging and social networking without finishing up with three other sites catching up to flickR. that begin to describe the readings of montreal via the internet., and according to them, was "...founded in February 2005, by early commerce pioneers of PayPal...(as) a consumer media company for people to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience" Yeah, it's a site where you can post digital video, of pretty much anything. But we're concentrating on Montreal here. And Tags. So, search Montreal and you come up with 661 videos as of this writing. The first five videos are entitled "Montreal" with the following descriptions:
A View of Some of the Buildings in Montreal!!, Nicole and Meghan are in Montreal!!, My Siblings and I Fooling Around in Montreal!, Montreal: Ice, Falls and Firemen! (capitalization and points of exclamation mine)
[email this story] Posted by Doug Moffat on 06/02 at 01:53 AM
  1. When I post-dated this story, May was, uh, months away. Now here it is interfering with Ms. McIntosh’s far more intriguing series on Pop!.
    The whole tag thing is so played-out anyway. I didnt even finish the parts about and But I trust you’re saavy enough to try them out yourself. Don’t forget tho, you gotta search ‘Montreal’ that’s the whole point.

    Or you can just check out this far-out photoset of Expo67 from FlickR:
    that was grabbed from:

    Posted by  on  05/03  at  12:21 PM

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